April Favourites

So London has been basking in some positively beautiful sunshine this past week with spring blooms and blue skies just about everywhere. It’s times like these (about a handful of weeks in a year) when British weather isn’t so bad!…

Summer Style

It’s almost May yet the temperatures in London just keep dropping day by day. In the midst of all the rain, snow (yes, snow) and extremely cold winds, I’ve been dreaming of all the lovely summer style staples.


Dirty Bones

Carnaby Street is quickly becoming one of my favourites areas to grab a bite in London. Right in the heart of the hustle and bustle of the city and with a plethora of restaurants and bars, you’re really spoilt for…

March Favourites

I’ve had an incredibly busy month with work hence the lack of posts. Still, I’m back with a round up of my favourite things from March.

The Streets of Udaipur

The few days following the wedding was my first opportunity to actually venture out of the wedding grounds and discover the breathtaking streets and scenery of Udaipur.

The Palaces of Udaipur

Rajasthan is probably my favourite state in India, extremely rich in history and adorned with some of the most beautiful forts and palaces I’ve ever seen.

February Favourites

I am back from the most incredible two weeks celebrating my wedding in the beautiful city of Udaipur in India. It’s safe to say that I’m now experiencing some major post-wedding blues so a round up of my favourite things…


Year of the Monkey

Growing up in Malaysia meant celebrating almost every cultural festival under the sun and one of them happened to be Chinese New Year which is just around the corner!

December Favourites

I know, I know, I’m extremely late with my usual round up of monthly favourites. But better late than never eh?