Crazy Bear

We are fast approaching autumn in this part of the world. The days are damp and gloomy (typical London!) and the nights have a slight chill. Nestled deep in Fitzrovia, one place to escape this gloom and doom is to…

Wandering Around Chelsea

My trips to Chelsea have usually just consisted of visiting some exhibition or another at the Saatchi Gallery, but the other day whilst making the most of the last few rays of summer sunshine, I decided to take a proper…


Garlic & Pesto Chicken

After a long day at work and an hour or so at the gym, the last thing I want to do when I get home is spend hours in the kitchen preparing a meal! This super easy Garlic & Pesto…

The Best of Autumn-Winter Boots

Living in London, I spend about eight months out of a year in boots and over the years I’ve become completely obsessed with them!


Granger & Co

On a gloomy Sunday afternoon, pouring down with rain, there is nothing better to do than to slip into a pair of wellies (or in my case, high wedge sneakers), skip down to Westbourne Grove and fill your belly with…

Bahagia Store

I randomly came across Bahagia Store a few weeks ago whilst browsing through Instagram and completely fell in love with its beautiful range of hand-made artisan jewellery that is delicate, yet makes a statement!


The Rum Kitchen

Notting Hill is well known for its display of Caribbean culture in London. The area is peppered with Caribbean takeaways, reggae music serenading you down the street, the in-famous Notting Hill Carnival and of course, The Rum Kitchen.


La Porte Des Indes

They say you should have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. And at La Porte des Indes’ Sunday brunch buffet, you do exactly that!

The Colour Black

Black is my favourite colour! Although I’d like to think that over the last few years I have mustered up the courage to splash my wardrobe with a lot more┬ácolour – neons, brights, colour-blocking, you get the gist. So after…