Primrose Hill

When the sun finally emerges in all its scorching glory, Londoners come out to play!

Borough Market

Nearly seven years in London and only recently did I make my way to visit the most renowned food and drink market in London, Borough Market!

The Forbidden Forest, Harry Potter Tour

So you all know I’m a humungous Harry Potter fan, so I was beyond excited when I managed to get my hands on tickets to a preview of the Forbidden Forest.

New Year

It has truly been an incredible, awe-inspiring, exhilarating and whirlwind of a year! And I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The Harry Potter Tour

My love affair with Harry Potter started when I was about twelve years old. Wizards and witches, wands and broomsticks all whisked me away to a wonderful, magical world.

The Grove

I spent a few days this past weekend taking in the last few glimpses of summer in the countryside retreat of The Grove.

Clifton Nurseries

I seem to have stumbled upon a colourful and green, garden oasis right in the middle of London and a few steps away from where I live. How convenient!

The Natural History Museum

When I first moved to London, I used to spend countless weekends exploring all of London’s toursit attractions. Big Ben, London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, you name it! But one of my favourite (and most beautiful) must see attraction in the city…

The Senses Masterclass

It’s not often that you get to attend events in London that are out of the ordinary and a feast for all senses. Well, that is exactly what I experienced at Coya’s Senses Masterclass.