Lake Titicaca

Bordering both Peru and Bolivia, you will find the highest navigable lake in the world and the largest in South America, Lake Titicaca.

Uncovering Machu Picchu

We live in a fascinating world; one with so many wonders and eccentricities that I’d like to hope that we never lose interest or tire of all that it has to offer us. One such wonder that left me completely…

Inca Ruins

The largest empire in South America belonged to the Incas; a civilization born and bred in Peru. Today, they have left behind just ruins of their fascinating history and I was lucky to enough to visit a few in The…

Women of The Sacred Valley

Row after row of colourful scarves, blankets, backpacks, gloves and hats fill markets in almost every city and town in Peru; all hand woven out of Alpaca wool. I visited a small community of women in the Sacred Valley who make…

Cusco Photo Diary

An hour and a half plane ride from Lima brings you to Cusco, located 3,400m above sea level and considered to be one of the most important tourist destinations in Peru.

The Road To Cristo Blanco

On a bright and sunny spring morning in Cusco, southeastern Peru, I made an up-hill journey to see the city’s Cristo Blanco.

Lima Photo Diary

After a whole month of exploring, discovering and constantly expecting the unfamiliar, it’s strange to be sitting still, staring at a screen and trying to put into words exactly what the last few weeks have looked, sounded, smelled, tasted and…

Hop, Skip & A Plane Ride Away

Travel is someting that I’ve considered to be a very natural part of life. I’ve been lucky enough to have first stepped (more like carried) onto a plane before I could even speak, so the idea of visiting a new…

Old Spitalfields Market

If you want to experience traditional London culture with a modern twist, look no further than Old Spitalfields Market in east London.