La Boca

Five very full on days in Buenos Aires, and I completely left my heart in the uber vibrant barrio of La Boca.

Buenos Aires Photo Diary Pt. 1

The final destination on my month long excursion around South America was Buenos Aires. Extremely relaxed, effortless, rich in culture and nightlife.

The Great Andes

Mendoza is well known for its vast range of surrounding mountains. A scenic drive about a hundred or so kilometres out of the city brings you to the Aconcagua Provincial Park and the mammoth, Aconcagua mountain.

Wine Country

 What better way to spend a delightfully sunny day in Santiago than touring some of its most famous wineries.

Journey to the Atacama Desert

My 3-day excursion through the magnificient Salt Flats ended with crossing the border into the Atacama Desert which spans across both Bolivia & Chile.

The Salt Flats

One of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world, lies in the southwestern part of Bolivia and is known as Salar de Uyuni or, the Salt Flats.

Sucre Photo Diary

Located in the south-central part of Bolivia, Sucre is the constitutional capital of the country which quickly became one of my favourite cities on this trip.

Surviving Death Road

60 kilometres long, 3 meters wide, draped with lush greens, topped with hazardous rocks and a few 1000 feet drop – this is Death Road!

The Floating Islands

The Uros people of Lake Titicaca have quite a unique habitat, comprised of several floating islands that are hand-made out of dried totora reeds.