Chanel Second Floor

Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel’s apartment is as much of an icon today as Gabrielle Chanel herself. Much has been said, imagined and written about this glamorous space that only a select few have had the honour to experience.


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Wandering Around Chelsea

My trips to Chelsea have usually just consisted of visiting some exhibition or another at the Saatchi Gallery, but the other day whilst making the most of the last few rays of summer sunshine, I decided to take a proper stroll down and around King’s Road and see what else this bit of London had to offer.


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Portobello Market

Notting Hill is my favourite part of London. From the iconic multi-coloured houses to its in-famous antiques, pretty little cafes to the notorious annual Carnival. If I could live anywhere in London, it would be in Notting Hill. Luckily, being just a stone’s throw away, I strolled through Portobello Market this weekend to make the most of a particularly sunny afternoon.


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Sidewalk to Catwalk

My Sundays are normally embarrassingly lazy. There is nothing I like more on a Sunday than to be sprawled out on my couch all day, watching trashy TV and stuffing my face but yesterday I went against all my natural instincts (even braving the London downpour!) and headed east to an exhibition I’ve wanted to see for quite a while now; The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier, From The Sidewalk to the Catwalk.


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Camden Market

I first visited Camden Market back when I was in university in Birmingham and used to make frequent trips down to London. Four years on and I still love coming back for its delicious array of food, eclectic mix of people and wonderfully weird goods. You will find it all in Camden, from spiritual crystals to offensive T-shirts, ‘hash pops’ to hand made prints, everything!

And the best part is experiencing all that Camden Market has to offer in the London sunshine.


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In Fair Verona

….where we lay our scene.

Ok, so not quite Verona but on a very sunny evening yesterday in London, I made my way to see The English National Ballet’s Romeo & Juliet at Royal Albert Hall. For those of you who haven’t been to Royal Albert Hall, it’s an absolute beauty both inside and out and definitely worth a trip – if not for anything but to stroll along the pretty streets of South Kensington (while this rare London sun is out!).


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Eat Wear Wander

Attempt 7,289,472,834 at writing a blog.

I’ve dabbled with blogs here and there over the years, starting way before blogging was considered cool. Those were the angst ridden teen years and now, in my quarter-life crisis, I seem to be turning to my keyboard once again for assistance.

I hope this blog helps facilitate my three biggest passions – food, fashion and travel; or what I call life. And I hope even more so that you’re inspired enough to go on this journey with me.

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