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June Favourites

I’ve decided to do a monthly post about some of my favourite things from each month. Going forward, this will be a mix of anything and everything I may have seen, eaten, read, smelled, worn, etc. I’m starting this off…


The Blues Kitchen

Over a month ago, I was having a browse through Harpers Bazaar’s Weekend Guide when a suggestion to visit The Blues Kitchen immediately caught my eye! I read the words, Texan BBQ Food next to a mouthwatering image of a rustic…


Sidewalk to Catwalk

My Sundays are normally embarrassingly lazy. There is nothing I like more on a Sunday than to be sprawled out on my couch all day, watching trashy TV and stuffing my face but yesterday I went against all my natural instincts…


Summer Style

I’ve spent most of my life as an expat in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where although you enjoy thirty degree weather all year round, there is no change in season and more importantly, no seasonal wardrobe changes! The past seven years…


Camden Market

I first visited Camden Market back when I was in university in Birmingham and used to make frequent trips down to London. Four years on and I still love coming back for its delicious array of food, eclectic mix of…


In Fair Verona

….where we lay our scene. Ok, so not quite Verona but on a very sunny evening yesterday in London, I made my way to see The English National Ballet’s Romeo & Juliet at Royal Albert Hall. For those of you…


Five Guys

For the past year, burger joints have been popping up around every nook and corner of London. Be it gourmet or fast-food, this American staple has officially taken over the city! Five Guys opened its doors in London just less…


Eat Wear Wander

Attempt 7,289,472,834 at writing a blog. I’ve dabbled with blogs here and there over the years, starting way before blogging was considered cool. Those were the angst ridden teen years and now, in my quarter-life crisis, I seem to be turning to…