Born in India, raised in Malaysia and growing up in London. I’m Divya, a twenty-something media communications planner with a passion for food, fashion and travel. I initially started this blog as a hobby but it has now grown to become one of my absolute favourite pastimes filled with my day-to-day adventures. I hope you find it a source of enjoyment and join me on my journey!

My blog is divided into the following three categories:

Eat – I’m a big foodie and love trying new flavours and cuisines. Here, I write about all the delicious food and restaurants that I come across along with recipes that I try at home.

Wear – I’ve been into fashion and had an opinion on what I want to wear ever since I learned how to speak! This is a glimpse into my style and favourite looks across fashion and beauty.

Wander – Having traveled from a very young age, I love visiting new countries and also exploring this beautiful city that I’m lucky enough to live in. These posts range from travel to interesting events I attend and my general lifestyle.

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  • Hey gorgeous gal, Wass up.. Your blog name is very nice Eat , Wear and Wander that’s what life is supposed to be. It reminds me of my childhood days.

  • You’re so beautiful!

  • Hi there! 🙂 I remember seeing you at Richa’s wedding. Love your blog!

    • Divya

      Hi! Lovely to see you’ve come across my blog and glad you like it!

  • Your blog is amazing, I already added it to my reading list (:

    • Divya

      That’s lovely to hear, thank you!

  • Kaveeta Modi

    Love your blog Divya! All the best 🙂 Kaveeta x

    • Divya

      Thanks Kaveeta! Hope you’re well x

  • guliobiz

    Interesting introduction , thank you for sharing the post.

  • Love your website!