Floating Villages, Siem Reap

A two hour drive southeast of Siem Reap will bring you to the floating village of Kampong Phluk.

Lined with terracotta dirt roads with locals whizzing by on tuk tuks and motorbikes, you get a true glimpse of the outskirts and village life of Cambodia.

We arrived at the lake, teeming with boats and locals going about their daily lives.

Not to mention our captains; believe it or not, these two pre-teens were the ones to take us around the village! Friendly, enthusiastic and wanting to know just about everything about us!

Kampong Phluk is a cluster of three villages of stilted houses, more of a permanent village as opposed to actually floating. Their main economy is based on fishing, primarily shrimp harvesting.

The younger one of our two captains and the most inquisitive!


The village is surrounded by a flooded mangrove forest where locals huddle around, sharing life stories and waiting to take eager tourists around the picturesque mangroves.

A lazy, peaceful little village which sees comparatively fewer tourists so I’d definitely recommend a visit, without the queues!

We left Siem Reap and Cambodia shortly after our trip to the floating village with happy hearts and lasting memories of this beautiful country!


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