Capri, Italy

Charming Roman emperors, Russian revolutionaries and Hollywood stars for decades, this is Capri.

On our second day in Positano, we rose nice and early to catch a ten am boat for a day trip to the island of Capri. Known for its swanky cafes, string of designer boutiques and an uber glamourous clientele, Capri still manages to maintain a humble Italian charm.

No, I will never have enough photos of the landscape of Positano. At a distance,from the deep blue sea is the best place to sit back and admire this endearing town.

With turquoise-green waters and a throng of boats constantly bringing tourist to this tiny island, the first thing you notice are signs inviting you to the infamous Blue Grotto.

So that’s just what we decided to do, within five minutes of stepping off our boat in Capri, we hopped on another boat to the much talked about Blue Grotto. It’s is a sea cave in which sunlight passes through an underwater cavity and shines through the water, creating a blue, illuminated reflection.

Admiring the grand villas and rugged landscape along the way. Unfortunately, the day was slightly overcast and cloudy but we didn’t let that dampen our spirits!

So we arrived at the Blue Grotto, only to be greeted by about five to seven other boatloads of tourists (we were told this was quite lucky as during peak seasons, there are up to twenty boats waiting at a time). An uncomfortable thirty minutes later, we entered the so called phenomenon to be taken around for a total of thirty seconds and then we were out again. Was it beautiful? Yes. Was it worth the journey and wait? No.

Back on the island of Capri and extremely hungry, we took the tram which climbs up through fragrant lemon groves and drops you off directly in the Piazzetta. This is where you witness the real glamour of this island! Cafes, shops, boutiques and countless Chanel bags surround the vicinity. We stopped by Ristorante Longano for a plate of incredible king prawn linguini, washed down with a bottle of the house white wine.

Followed by a spot of dessert of course! Hazelnut gelato to be exact.

Wearing: Dress, Shoes, Bag, Hat, Sunglasses & Watch

Grand villas and hotels, all cloaked in a layer of lemon yellow and accessorised with brilliantly pink bougainvillea.

After a stroll around Capri, we took a bus further up to Anacapri, a more quaint little town which actually faltered in comparison.

We left Capri at sunset, leaving behind all the glitz and glamour and the turquoise-green water that laps into the secluded coves and mysterious grottoes of this charismatic island.

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