Amalfi, Italy

There’s nothing quite like driving along the twists and turns of the Amalfi Coast as the sun turns a deep blood orange and the quaint town of Amalfi appears before you, draped in all the pretty shades of pastel.

We left Ravello just as the sun was beginning to set and made our way to Amalfi to take in the last traces of sunlight. We arrived extremely excited to explore our next destination and couldn’t be happier to spend our night at Hotel Santa Caterina.

A late nineteen century style villa carved into the beautiful cliffs of Amalfi and surrounded by the Mediterranean sea.

Spanning four floors, Hotel Santa Caterina is perched high above Amalfi with sweeping views of this quaint coastal town. A private elevator takes you right down to the private beach club.

Oh and did I mention the fact that you can leap right into the sea from here? It was a tad too cold for a dip in April but just this view was enough.

With classic Italian interiors, the rooms showcase charming Mediterranean architecture. They are spacious and light with white tiles lining the floors and marble in the beautiful bathrooms. I was blown away by the sheer size of our room and such stunning views of the sea.

A quick shower and change of clothes later, we took a stroll down to the town center (about a ten minute walk away) and ended the night at Eolo. We were recommended this place by a few people for its location, overlooking the sea and the rest of Amalfi but I’d suggest going there for just a drink at sunset instead. The service and views are incredible but the food is just above average and quite overpriced.

Well rested and stomachs grumbling, we headed down to the stunning balcony the next morning and took our seat with plates full of pastries, pancakes, waffles and of course, Nutella! When in Italy eh?

It’s insane that a place like this can exist! Can all breakfasts be as indulgent as this?

Hotel Santa Caterina is such a dream! We were torn between spending the day just sitting here and gazing out into the deep blue sea or exploring the town below.

We decided to go for the exploring!

How could you not want to see more of this?

Down below, both the crowds and warm, delicious sunshine were emerging.

Wearing: Jeans, Top, Bag, Watch, Hat, Shoes & Sunglasses

“Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away”, Sarah Kay

Deeper into the town center, past little pastry and gelato shops, you’ll find the Amalfi Cathedral in Piazza del Duomo. A ninth century Roman-Catholic cathedral, it reflects Gothic, Byzantine and Baroque architecture, standing majestically amid the all the buzz of its surroundings.

You cannot miss the endless crates of lemons (many bigger than the size of my head!) lining the streets.

You also cannot miss having a taste of freshly made lemon sorbet! Sweet, tangy and refreshing.

The streets are narrow and winding with bright and colourful ceramics pouring out of every corner. Locals and tourists all haggling for the best souvenirs to take home while sipping on espressos and cooling down with cups of gelato.

This little guy seemed to have left all the care in the world behind, just a little sun and a long snooze!

It was so easy to get lost in the busy but welcoming streets of Amalfi. With the sun shining bright, a cool breeze blowing past, it really was the perfect day to be exploring this coastal town.

But soon, it was time to head back to Hotel Santa Caterina, grab our bags and continue our journey onto our next stop along the coast. I don’t know what is more beautiful, the towns themselves or the scenic drive in between. The views are beyond incredible! But I’ll share more soon, stay tuned!

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  • Ileana Aguero

    so happy you went!!! your photography gets better every time 🙂

    • OMG it was incredible! I’ve got a proper camera now so trying to take better photos. Also, write to me on Whatsapp, I’ve been messaging you! I want to know about your new fitness thing!