Coastal Towns, Italy

Stopping to admire the beautiful coastal towns of Pompeii and Ravello en route from Naples to Amalfi.

Our day started early in Naples, minds satisfied from seeing the sights the day before and bellies still full from the deliciousness that was the Neapolitan pizza. A quick bite and a strong shot of espresso later, we made our way to the central station in Piazza Guiseppe Garibaldi from where we picked up our car for the next few days.

Our first stop, the infamous ruins of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius.

I had read about tragic story of Pompeii and Herculanuem when I was about twelve. Both cities were buried under volcanic ash from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

Sixteen years later, there I was, seeing the ruins first hand!

The site was lost for around fifteen hundred years after the eruption of the Mount Vesuvius and a further hundred and fifty years before its broader discovery. Today, Pompeii is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy.

After seeing the ruins, we made our way to see what caused the horrific destruction, Mount Vesuvius.

I have to admit, I was not ready for this part of the trip! What I thought would be a breezy stop close to the volcano, turned out to be a two hour trek (each way!) the actual mountain. In my blogger gear, sandals and all. It’s safe to say this experience was anything but breezy!

The two hour walk later, we arrived at the top of the volcano with a bird’s eye view of the ginormous cater formed by the eruption.

Luckily, sweeping views of Pompeii made the rough ride worth it.

From ruins and rocky volcanoes to romantic and serene cliffside gardens. We cruised along to our next stop, Ravello.

Ah Ravello, set above the dizzying landscape of the Amalfi Coast, it’s one of the most peaceful and charming towns with just a slight air of glamour. Most stop by for just a day but we could have easily spent a few days here, making ourselves comfortable and living a slow, lazy coastal life.

Suspended gardens, uneven stone streets and darling cafes decorate the main piazza, right next to Villa Ruffaolo (a villa overlooking the piazza).

Dedicated almost entirely to tourism, Ravello has been a host to writers, musicians and artists such as Virginia Woolf and Wagner.

My first glimpse of the beautifully handcrafted and colourful ceramics of Amalfi.

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Sweeping views of the coast from this picturesque little town, perched high above amongst the clouds.

We fell so in love with Ravello, we didn’t want to leave just yet and promised to return the very next day. But for now, the sun was beginning to set and it was time for us to continue our journey along the Italian coast onto Amalfi.

And just wait till you see Amalfi! More adventures coming your way.

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