The Forbidden Forest, Harry Potter Tour

So you all know I’m a humungous Harry Potter fan, so I was beyond excited when I managed to get my hands on tickets to a preview of the Forbidden Forest.

I made my way to Watford last week to the Warner Brothers Studio for an exclusive preview of the Forbidden Forest which is due to open to the general public this Friday, 31st March.

Here’s a quick post on what awaits you in this deadly forest.

You are first welcomed by a giant Buckbeak, the Hippogriff, all ready to bow down and everything! It’s incredible to see the craftsmanship that went behind creating this magnificent creature. From the claws to each feather, every part of Buckbeak is carefully and intricately put together.

As you venture deeper into the forest, the surroundings get darker and cobwebs begin to appear all around.

Gigantic spiders, or Acromantulas sweep down from the ceiling, all a part of the family of….

….Aragog who peers from the side and comes right at you, out of the shadows. Again, the insane amount of detail on each of the tree trunks (real life textures and hand made moss) and the hairs on the Acromantulas will just blow you away!

A few more steps on and you’re safe and sound on Platform 9 3/4.

The Forbidden Forest officially opens to the general public this Friday, 31st March and you can find out more information here.

The closest tube station is Watford and overground station is Watford Junction from where there is a Harry Potter Tour shuttle bus.

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