Reykjavik, Iceland

Strolling along the pastel hued streets of Reykjavik, set against the dramatic backdrop of Mount Esja in the far distance.

Rapidly becoming a European hotspot, Reykjavik is just a quick three hour plane ride away from London. Thousands flock to this Nordic capital in the winter months with the hope of seeing the infamous Northern Lights.

Joining these thousands, I made my way to Iceland last week with Reykjavik as my first stop (and kept my fingers crossed for those much talked about lights!).

Unfortunately I was greeted with grey skies and constant rain throughout my stay but the colourful city of Reykjavik definitely helped lighten the mood.

I spent my first day walking through the city which I quickly realised could very easily be covered entirely by foot! I started at the Old Harbour, a long path laced with pebbles and giant rocks with stunning views across the bay to Mount Esja and its snowcapped peaks.

Did I mention it’s also a great spot for a little photo opp? I definitely made the most of it!

Wearing: Jumper, Pants, Boots, Jacket, Backpack, Beanie & Gloves

As you walk along the Old Harbour, you’ll come across the Sólfar, or Sun Voyager. It’s a sculpture by Jón Gunnar Árnason of a dreamboat, an ode to the sun. It’s supposed to contain within itself the promise of undiscovered territory, a dream of hope, progress and freedom.

Around the corner from the Old Harbour, you’ll find Reykjavik’s city center. Peppered with shops, restaurants and cafes, it looks like an adorable little town, resembling my Polly Pocket toys from back in the day!

See what I mean about Polly Pocket?

Up the main road is a tall, protruding cement-like tower; Reyjkavik’s Hallgrímskirkja church which can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.

It isn’t really up to par against the grand interiors of Italy’s churches but then that’s Nordic minimalism for you! Make sure you take the lift right up to the top because…

….what this church does offer is sweeping views of the entire city! Grey skies or not, it really is a stunning place!

Back on the main street and more strolls along lollipop lane.

And yet another great photo opp! A bright and colourful backdrop for my otherwise all-black attire.

I wouldn’t mind living in one of those pastel houses, excitedly drawing the curtains every morning and quietly watch this exact scene.

Calm, quiet and peaceful, Reykjavik is a far cry from most European capitals I’ve visited. It may be one of the smallest capitals on the continent but it’s bright and vibrant in it’s own way. Giving off an incredibly warm and friendly vibe, it has a wonderful balance of Nordic simplicity and modern day hustle and bustle.

More Icelandic adventures in my next post!

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