Edgerton Pink Gin

Londoners love their G&Ts but Edgerton brings a little twist to the good old gin by making it pink!

Martin Edgerton Gill, former owner of the London Gin Company is known for his love of coloured gin. He created the world’s first blue gin, London No 1 Blue, in 2010 which was hugely successful and is now exploring the possibilities of a pink gin through Edgerton Pink Gin.

A classic gin, blended with no less than fifteen exotic ingredients, Edgerton Pink Gin has a wonderful balance of citrus and spice notes. According to Mr. Gill, ‘As you bring your nose close, you immediately inhale fruity, floral notes, then the dry, powdery spice of cinnamon and cassia beneath, quite a seductive combination. With a little water, immediately sweet orange peel and juniper start to emerge. The palate is fruity-floral with a grapefruit- bitter finish and a chocolaty aftertaste. These sweet notes soften and open up when combined with Tonic to produce an almost floral nose and sugar plum taste’. 

Whoa! Quite and explosion of flavours there.

The other week I was invited along to the launch of three rose-tinted cocktails by Edgerton Pink Gin, hosted at the beautiful Radio Rooftop Bar. No dry January here!

And just in time for Valentine’s Day! One of the unique botanicals blended in Edgerton Pink Gin is Damiana, an ingredient famous for its aphrodisiac properties. *Hint Hint*

No plans for Valentine’s Day yet? Put on your sexiest LBD and head to Radio Rooftop Bar with your date.

Radio Rooftop Bar will be showcasing their three favourite Edgerton Pink Gin cocktails in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

There’s the Edgerton Negroni: Golden caster sugar, cloves, oranges, cinnamon stick, black pepper and Edgerton Pink Gin. Citric and spicy!

The man of the hour himself, Mr. Gill (pink tie and all!), introducing us to his latest creation.

Swoon over the electric views of London with your date as you sip on your Edgerton Pink Gin to warm up amid this unusually cold London winter.

Next, try the French 69: Edgerton Pink Gin, syrup, lemon juice and champagne. Smooth and refreshing with the right amount of bubbly! 

Got room for more? Sip on a few Gin and Pomegranates: Apple juice, pomegranate juice, lime, rosemary and Edgerton Pink Gin. Sweet and floral!

Edgerton Pink Gin is available to buy from most major department stores across the UK including 31Dover. A lovely twist to the traditional gin, set against the glittering London skyline at Radio Rooftop Bar. Do you really need another excuse to celebrate the most romantic day of the year?

I was invited as a guest of Edgerton Pink Gin. 

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