Year Of The Rooster

It’s time to put away those Christmas baubles, wreaths and the last remnants of tinsel lying around your living room floor and make way for another new year celebration!

It happens to be Chinese New Year this weekend and Yauatcha Soho kindly invited me along to celebrate the year of the rooster with them. Celebrations begin with the colour red which in Chinese culture is a symbol of good luck and joy, along with the rooster, symbolising fire and fortune.

Adorned with glowing red Chinese lanterns, Yauatcha have created a range of ten petit gateaux, each decorated a vibrant shade of red, along with a red cocktail and dim sum platter.

We began our meal with the Red Moutai; a fruity concoction of the Chinese spirit Baijiu, pineapple, Bison Grass vodka, elderflower vermouth and Suze aperitif.

Delicately decorated with a single flower bud.

Fancy cocktail glasses really do make the best photo opps!

Silently glowing red Chinese lanterns lighting up the entire restaurant!

An array of dim sum then accompanied our cocktails.

Prawn and Beancurd Cheung Fun which is a dim sum that is coated in rice noodle. This was just incredible! Fresh out of the ocean prawns coated in crispy beancurd, encased in soft rice noodle and drenched in an abundance of soya sauce.

Pan fried Chicken Shanghai Dumpling; I love a fried dumpling as it gives a wonderfully crispy coating to the meat inside.

Good old Char Sui Bun; sweet and sour pork encased in a soft and fluffy, cloud-like steamed bun.

Made especially for the Chinese New Year menu, the Truffle Crabmeat Dumpling. Another amazing (and red) creation! The truffle gave this dumpling a deliciously buttery flavour.

Extremely pleased with our dim sum decisions!

For mains, we went for the Lunar Chicken Pot with Cured Pork.

Quite a big portion with a mix of chicken, pork and a variety of Chinese vegetables, garnished with a fiery, peppery sauce.

We also went for my favourite, Stir Fried Scallop with Lotus Root. I have to say this was my least favourite dish, lacking the vibrant flavours of the rest of the menu.

A side of delicious Vegetable Fried Rice

And probably my favourite vegetable in the world, Gai Lan (or Chinese broccoli), cooked in oyster sauce and garlic.

Trying to decide if I can still squeeze in a bite of two of the petit gateaux!

I decided I could! We went for the Coconut Lime; a soft, (incredibly) rich and jelly-like coconut mousse with a tangy lemon cured and pandan cream center and coconut cream on the side. So light and fragrant! 

Ohmygod, I cannot go on enough about this one; the Milk Chocolate Tie Kuan Yin. Now you know I love anything with chocolate and this creation definitely didn’t disappoint! Infused with oolong tea, a dense and creamy milk chocolate topping with dulce de leche cream all sitting pretty on a crispy biscuit base. I could eat literally eat this everyday!

A delicious and creative menu celebrating the very best of Chinese New Year!

The menu will be available at Yauatcha Soho and Yauatcha City from 16th January to 11th February. A traditional Chinese lion dance, said to drive away evil spirits and bring good luck for the following year will also be held at Yauatcha City on 27th January and Yauatcha Soho on 29th January. A celebration for the whole family, bring one and all this weekend to drive away the post-Christmas blues and continue the festivities!

The closest underground station to Yauatcha Soho is Oxford Street and Yauatcha City is Liverpool Street. You can find out more about the menu and all the exciting celebrations here.

I was invited as a guest of Yauatcha. 

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