Egg Muffins

Sometimes it’s nice to have a change from the usual scrambled eggs on toast. Especially on weekends when you have more time on your hands to whip up something a little special.


But special doesn’t have to mean complicated! This super easy (and healthy!) recipe will soon become your go-to breakfast dish for those weekend lie-ins. Here is what you need to make twelve muffins:

– 4-6 medium sized eggs

– A tiny bit of milk (To help make the eggs fluffy)

– A handful of spinach

– A handful of mushrooms

– Butter or olive oil (To line the muffin tray)

– A pinch of basil

– Salt and Pepper (To taste)

– Grated cheddar cheese (Optional, if you’re feeling a bit naughty)


Begin by chopping your mushrooms and spinach and set aside.



Line your muffin tray with butter or olive oil and fill it with the chopped mushrooms.



Then fill the tray with your chopped spinach.


In a separate bowl, crack your eggs, pour in some milk, salt and pepper to taste and a pinch of basil and beat well together.




Once you’ve beaten your eggs, carefully pour a little of the mixture into each hole so that your vegetables are just about covered.


And finally, if you want something a little extra, sprinkle some grated cheddar cheese. Place in the oven at 200°c for around 20-30 minutes or till you see the muffins rise and the top go slightly brown.


And voila! Deliciously simple egg muffins.

The best bit about these muffins is that you can fill them with whatever vegetables, herbs and spices that you want. And why not throw in pieces of ham if you like as well? Remove the cheese for a healthier alternative but it’s the weekend and you deserve to enjoy it!

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