Agra Fort

After all the excitement around visiting one of the most beautiful monuments I have ever seen on my first day in Agra, I made my way to its less famous but equally captivating sister, Agra Fort.


Located around two kilometres from the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort is more of a walled city rather than a palace. As most of the other such structures here, there are various parts to this palace, built to serve all the Mughal and Rajput royals that resided here.


You are first greeted by this beautiful red brick gate and its intricate stone carvings, designs and arches.



As you enter the grounds itself, you then approach Jahangiri Palace which was the main area for  all the women of the household.




Absolutely stunning interiors of the palace!



All white everythaaang! My white t-shirt was definitely a good idea!


As you explore deep into the palace, you come across these stunning white marble structures which are quite reminiscent of the Taj Mahal.



Once again, Indian and Arabic patterns adorn the walls and ceilings.



A much needed moment of calm amid the buzz of the city just beyond the palace walls.



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While the Taj Mahal was built as a tomb for Shah Jahan’s wife and later himself as well, Agra Fort was actually where he resided with all his wives. He was also captured by his own son and imprisoned there in order to gain power and it is rumoured that he passed away within the palace walls itself. Shah Jahan aside, several royals lived in this palace most notably, Akbar known to be one of the greatest rulers of the Mughal dynasty in India.

My adventure continues with an enormous surprise to end this last day in Agra. But more about that in my next post!


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