1135 AD, Jaipur

Perched on top of the majestic Amer Fort, is the most beautiful (fit for a royal!) restaurant I have ever been to.


1135 AD is located at the top right corner of Amer Fort, in the Zenana section of the palace. I arrived there for dinner and the whole palace was light up and glittering in all its glory! A completely different atmosphere to the bustling crowds that surround the grounds during the day.



 An impressive staircase leads you up to the restaurant which consists of beautiful outdoor seating and an even more regal indoor area. I would suggest sitting outside during the day when the palace is drenched in the Indian sunshine.




 Inside, you’ll find tablecloths and chairs adorned with royal reds and golds. Twinkling silver platters and beautiful orange marigold flowers decorating every table!



The arches, walls and ceilings all embellished to seem like an extension of the palace itself and making you feel like a royal being served your daily meal.



We were first presented with some pepper popadoms and mint chutney; tangy and spicy!



Then arrived an array of Kebabs; chicken, fish and mutton. All laced with fragrant spices.



The mains consisted of one of my favourite Indian dishes; Butter Chicken. Succulent pieces of tandoori chicken in a tomato, butter and yogurt gravy. Sweet and creamy.



And some Roomali Roti to accompany the chicken. Roomal means napkin in Hindi and this Indian bread is made super thin to replicate just that.




I decided to take a little break from my meal to play some traditional tunes on the sitar for the rest of the guests!


Just kidding! As we were at the restaurant so late at night (we arrive there at around 10 pm), it was practically empty making it perfect for all my blog shots! We met these two sitar players playing beautiful old and new Indian and Bollywood tunes for all the guests. Brothers and barely in their twenties, they gave us great company that night, making conversation and constantly telling us to request whichever tunes we wanted to listen to. Incredibly sweet and hospitable!



Finally time for dessert and we were craving something light and cooling. We ended up with paan and rose flavoured ice-cream. Paan is something that Indians traditionally have after a meal. Used as a breath freshener, it is chewed as a combination of betel leaves and various nuts and sweet spices. It was my first time having it as an ice-cream and I loved the fragrant, cooling dessert!


I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to 1135 AD, not just because of the delicious food but because of the whole atmosphere of the place. You’re made to feel like the kings and queens of the great Indian empires. Everything from the decor to the service and attention from all staff. My heart was completed warmed by the two young brothers who kept us company for the entire night, telling us their story and about the big hopes that they have for their future.

I’ve only ever visited India as a local, travelling back to my hometown to see family but this time I visited it as a tourist and for the first time I was exposed to what an outsider gets to see. Aside from the crowds, the noise and the extreme culture shock, it’s the people that make this country what it is. Incredibly rich in culture, beliefs and tradition.


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