Mei Keng Fatt, Kuala Lumpur

Southeast Asia is famous for having some of the best seafood in the world! So whenever I head back to Kuala Lumpur, I’m sure to make several trips to my favourite Chinese restaurant in town, Mei Keng Fatt.


Mei Keng Fatt is a Chinese seafood restaurant well known and loved by locals and expats alike and is always busy and buzzing. Beginning with its curious name which I (and I’m sure most people) for the longest time thought was ‘Making Fat’ – a very apt name if you ask me! It’s a massive establishment (opened in 1990) that spans over two floors and has indoor and outdoor seating, perfect for basking in this tropical temperature.


Classic Chinese decor adorns the inside of the restaurant. A lot of red, lanterns, Buddha statues and Chinese good-luck omens peppered around. A popular place for local families to gather, many even celebrate birthdays and special occassions here.





Getting straight into my favourite meal here: I always start with these Toasted Buns – soft, fluffy and perfectly buttery! Great to dip in some soya sauce or any gravy that accompanies the meat dishes


Kai-lan in Garlic (or Oyster) Sauce – This has to be my favourite vegetable dish of all time! Large, green and juicy leaves cooked in rich garlic sauce or creamy oyster gravy. I believe Kai-lan is also known as Chinese Broccoli in the west.


You can’t go to a Chinese restaurant and not order the classic Fried Rice. Wonderfully fragrant and infused with various meats, vegetables and seafood. Very few rice dishes can compare!



Chilli Tiger Prawns – Succulent and slightly crunchy prawns, swimming in a spicy chilli gravy. Don’t forget to dip those Toasted Buns in this gravy!


 Chicken & Cashew Nuts – Perfectly smokey with a sweet and salty flavour which I for some reason just haven’t been able to re-create at home yet! Green peppers, dried chilies and onions are sprinkled around the chicken and roasted cashew nuts.





What a beauty! This is my favourite meal at Mei Keng Fatt and I refuse to order anything but this every time I visit!



You will find a display of crabs, lobsters and live fish (sometimes even frogs!) right when you enter which you can select for the chef to freshly prepare for you. The Chilli Crab, Black Pepper Crab and Butter Crab are also out of this world!


I spent a lovely three weeks in Kuala Lumpur with my family and friends over Christmas and although most of my holiday was spent relaxing and making the most of my short time here, I knew I wanted to share this gem of a restaurant with you all so it was one of the only places where my camera went with me!

Despite its enormous success and expansions taking place in 1995 and 2000, Mei Keng Fatt remains down to earth and humble with very affordable prices. This is THE go-to Chinese seafood restaurant for my family and friends and I’ve been coming here for more than ten years now! They’re notorious for their Chili Crab (or any crab dish for that matter!) so do give it a try if you’re ever in town.

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