Cava De Cano, Mendoza

The Argentines sure know how to throw a feast!


Cava de Cano offers a unique dining experience in Mendoza, complete with a Gaucho-style private room for you and your guests and a massive table full of nibbles (picada). The sheer selection of items on the table blew me away as neither my local friends, nor I was expecting such a display! So fascinated by each and every dish, I spent more time eating everything I could get my hands on hence, the more photo diary-esque account of this experience below.














There were meats, cheeses, breads, roasted vegetables, grains, dips and so so much more, all washed down with a bottle of Argentine Malbec (from their own little winery). And those were just the starters, for mains we were given beef stew, empanadas and pasta with meat sauce. Finally for dessert, there was ice-cream, Argentine bon-bons (chocolates), dried fruit and nuts. And last but not least, you can try some Argentine whisky, cocktails and cigars. The most complete meal I have ever eaten! Made even more special by the fact that it was a complete surprise! The best kind of surprise!

Cava de Cano is located on Lujan de Cuyo in Mendoza and you can find out more here. I suggest booking a place before you go to avoid disappointment!

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  • Georgina

    Having lots of little things to pick and choose from is definitely the best way to eat!

  • everything looks so good!

  • Oh my, this looks AMAZING! I think I want to escape to Argentina for the winter now.

    Tawni from

    • If you’re planning on heading there for an Argentine winter, make sure you go around June-July. It’s their summertime now x